• Poetry InMotion: Client Profiles

    It’s 6:55 a.m. and Marcy Gallagher slips through the door of the studio in time for a morning HIIT class. She tries to enter quietly but her arrival is met with enthusiastic greetings and hugs. What was a sleepy space a moment ago is now wide awake with conversation and smiles. Marcy’s warmth and personal

  • Spring into Action!

    People, like plants, take their cues from nature. The lengthening days, the proximity of the sun, and the occasional rain shower awaken the senses. Emerge into spring and bloom into fitness with new classes and passes at InMotion Studio. We have a new schedule to give you both roots and wings, as well as motivating

  • New Year, New You in 2017

    New Year’s Resolutions are a lot like 3M strips: Dazzling in concept, but hard to make them stick in reality. There’s a part of each of us — powered by Pinterest – that wants to get organized, eat less sugar, exercise more, and generally just be more likeable and attractive than we are in our natural states.