• Try turmeric

    The nutritional choices you make after a workout are as important as your pre-sweat snack. A good post-workout meal replaces lost fluids and includes a balance of protiens, carbs and good fats to help your body repair and rebuild. In the interest of wellness, it’s also wise to choose foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Enter, Turmeric.

  • Correction

    So sorry, the previous blog post says that Booty Barre is at 6:30 am Tuesday. Actually, the class will be at 6:30 am on Thursday for summer. Apologies.

  • Three new classes for summer!

    New Year’s Resolutions get all the credit for spring-boarding people into workout routines, but summer is the best time to focus on fitness. The days are long, the weather is nice, and fitness facilities are less crowded than usual. The pleasant weather outside inspires us all to feel good on the inside. InMotion Studio is offering