• Drink Up!

    We all know we need to drink water, especially while exercising, but how much is enough?

    Well, get ready for bottoms up. Chances are that between your busy schedule, full hands and intense workouts you aren’t drinking enough water. We understand. As instructors, we are always on the fly and hydration often takes a back seat. Adding fluids will help prevent wilting during workouts, and can dramatically improve how you feel and even how you look.

    Without exercise, the recommended water intake is eight, 8-fluid ounce glasses of water a day. Our bodies need water to transport nutrients, eliminate waste and maintain temperature. Exercise increases those demands, and calls for more guzzling before, during and after workouts. Here are a few guidelines, borrowed from the American College of Sports Medicine.

    BEFORE CLASS: Drink 16 to 20 ounces of water or a sports beverage at least four hours before exercising, and a glass of water before you leave for class.

    DURING CLASS: Drink three to eight fluid ounces of water every 20 minutes when exercising for less than an hour. Our classes are all 60 minutes or less so typical water bottle will meet your needs. However, if you are doubling up on classes, switch from water to a sports beverage to maintain an electrolyte balance.

    AFTER CLASS: Fill up your water bottle on your way out of the studio, and finish it slowly on your way home and while you have a post-workout snack.

    Hydration doesn’t have to be hampering. Simply buy a 20 to 24 ounce water bottle. Drink it empty once in the hours before class, once during class and once in the hours after class and you should be covered.

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