• It’s time to turn over a new leaf

    starbucksCrisp mornings. Bright afternoons. Early evenings.

    You just thought of a Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte didn’t you?

    It’s OK. Fall is the most sensual of all seasons — from soft clothing and smooth hair to spicy scented candles and savory meals — it’s only natural to associate autumn with the sweet things in life.

    But while you’re conjuring images of falling leaves, it would behoove youfall fit to also picture yourself running through them. Experts say fall is an ideal time to commit to a fitness routine. Our fun classes, and two new passes can help put exercise into your fall experience, right alongside that latte.

    Fall into a routine

    People who start exercise programs in the fall are more likely to maintain an active lifestyle according to research by fitness experts.


    Because establishing a fitness routine over a cup of coffee in the fall is simply more sincere than making a work out resolution over a martini on New Year’s Eve. Fall is an orderly time of year. Kids go back to school, days get shorter and routines get established. People who plug exercise into their structured fall routines are solidly hooked on fitness by the time the hectic holidays roll around. As a result, they feel less stress and gain less weight than their sedentary counterparts.

    Commit with a pass

    Need a nudge to turn over a new leaf? We’ve got just the thing.

    Starting Sept. 2, we’re offering two class passes.

    The Get Back to Class Pass is 12 classes for $60. It’s for those who need some enticement to return to the fitness classes they love.

    Back to class flyer

    Check out two new pass options for fall.

    The Turn Over a New Leaf Pass is 5 classes for $20. It’s for those who want to a make a change, and need to start slowly.

    These colorful offers will fall off the tree after one week, so be sure to act quickly. You won’t be sorry. We’re fluffing up the schedule this fall, including some noon classes and some beginner-level instruction. And if fashion is your thing, you’ll love our new retail store, which open this month and promises to take you from studio to street in top styles.

    Do you have questions about our classes, pass options or instructors? Please drop in, browse our Website, email us at inmotionanaconda@gmail.com, or post comments below. It’s going to be a beautiful fall. We can’t wait to see you at the studio.










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