• HIIT a new fitness goal


    Think of your body as a furnace. It steadily burns calories as fuel all day and night to keep your systems running at work and at rest.

    Now, what would happen if you threw a little gasoline on that ‘ol fire?

    Come to Fall Meltdown at InMotion, and you’ll be doing exactly that. Meltdown is a high-intensity interval training class — known as HIIT in the biz. HIIT classes are a hip, hot and highly effective at improving cardiovascular capacity, metabolic efficiency and muscular strength with a limited time commitment.

    Ringing in at a mere 30 minutes, Meltdown combines high-intensity work sessions (think pushups, lunges, burpees) with brief rest periods. Does it sound too short to count? Trust us, at the end of class you’ll be panting, sweaty and ready to stop. You’ll also feel worked-out, revved up and empowered.

    Meltdown starts this Wednesday at 12:10 p.m. with certified group fitness instructor Erin Nicholes. If you’re on the roster or are simply interested in learning more about HIIT, here are a few things you need to know:

    Tap your inner athlete with power moves.

    Tap your inner athlete with power moves.

    What to expect

    Meltdown is based on the magic number three. The class includes three rounds, with three exercises each, performed three times in a row. Each exercises is performed for 30 seconds, with a 15-second rest period between. The eight-week session will begin with basic pulling, pushing and jumping exercises. As class progresses, we will add lateral movement, twisting and leaping. Most of the exercises use body-weight resistance, but we will occasionally use hand weights as well.


    How to prepare

    Meltdown is intense, so come fueled up. One hour before class, eat a small snack that combines protein and carbohydrates. Apples and peanut butter, yogurt and granola, raisins and nuts are all appropriate combinations. If you are bringing a turkey sandwich for lunch, consider eating half of it as your before-class snack, and the other half afterwards. Be sure to hydrate with water before, during and after.

    How to get the most out of class

    Meltdown is uncomfortable, we won’t lie. You’ll be pushing yourself to the brink, over and over again. Growth comes from discomfort, though, and you will reap the rewards of your hard work. During class, envision your body as a fire. The work intervals are the gasoline — allow your flames to flare. During rest intervals, picture your flames settling as you draw deep breaths and exhale completely. Then, back to the gasoline. Exactly how much fuel to throw on that fire is up to each individual. We want you breathing heavily, but never gasping. We want your muscles burning, but never hurting. We want you to come to your edge, but never past it.

    After class

    Just as an emotional meltdown brings a sense of release and relief, sofruit does Meltdown class. You’ll leave class sweaty, shaky-legged and high on endorphins. But before you plop back into your desk chair, be sure to take a few minutes to walk out those hard-worked muscles. Within an hour of class, have a small meal that combines protein and carbohydrates to help those muscles recover. A glass of milk and a banana, the other half of your turkey sandwich, almond milk and a granola bar — all are appropriate post-workout snacks that will complement the hard work you are putting in.

    If you are on the roster for Meltdown, we

    look forward to seeing you this Wednesday. If you are not signed up but want to try the class, be sure to check the online singup page on Tuesdays for openings.

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