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    Marcy works her abs at a morning Booty Barre class.

    Marcy Gallagher works her abs at a morning Booty Barre class.


    Marcy uses her muscles-by-InMotion to hoist a salmon during a recent fishing trip in Alaska

    It’s 6:55 a.m. and Marcy Gallagher slips through the door of the studio in time for a morning HIIT class. She tries to enter quietly but her arrival is met with enthusiastic greetings and hugs. What was a sleepy space a moment ago is now wide awake with conversation and smiles. Marcy’s warmth and personal connection play an important role in the InMotion community. We can always count on her to show up to class with a smile, make others feel included, and lighten the mood with a laugh. Make no mistake, though. When it comes to her workouts, Marcy doesn’t mess around. She focuses deeply at yoga, chases the burn at the barre, dances it all out at OULA, and attacks burpees at HIIT. She is an inspiration, and we love working out with her. We asked Marcy to share some of her feelings about the studio to spread the love for fitness:

    First visit: My cousin, Meghan Cromwell, introduced me to InMotion a couple of years ago. She talked me into trying an OULA class, telling me it was a lot of fun. She was right! I was hooked!

    What’s it like: InMotion has an easy online app where you can register for the classes you want to attend. The studio is bright and it’s a very relaxed atmosphere. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The instructors have a lot of energy and get you excited to work out. I think it’s always more fun to exercise with a group!

    Favorite workouts: There are many classes I enjoy; Yoga with Kris (Monday), OULA with Camille (Wednesday), Booty Barre with Larissa (Thursday), but I think my favorite is the HIIT class with Erin on Tuesdays and Fridays. HIIT is a quick (30 minute) cardio plus strength workout that really challenges you!

    Keeps me coming back: It’s truly a great place to get fit! I have met so many nice people through InMotion. The studio offers a wide variety of classes and schedules. There is something for everyone whether you are just getting started on an exercise program or a seasoned workout buff. Plus they have a great little boutique!

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