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    Winter is famous for the resolutions and spring brings on the workout bingeing, but the mind-body connected know that fall is the true season of fitness. Autumn’s colors, scents and sounds trigger the senses to turn our minds inward, towards nesting and nurturing. Those instincts energize the body. Once upon a time, we needed those bursts to hunt and gather in preparation for the long winter. Now, we can use them to get fit before the snow flies. InMotion Studio has new classes and passes beginning after Labor Day to get you moving for affordable prices. Not sure where to start? We’ve designed a very scientific quiz to get you going. Answer the questions, then check the answers as you go to help you choose classes and pricing options.

    1. My favorite way to move is:

    • a) Long runs and lifting weights, and on my days off I hike, bike, swim…
    • b) Imitating Chris Farley’s “Maniac” dance from Tommy Boy.
    • c) Re-enacting scenes from Frozen. I just can’t let it go.
    • d) Rolling from the couch to the fridge, and back, without spilling anything.

    Your soulmate class is: A) Power and conditioning. B) OULA, Dancemania for the Soul. C) Yoga and Booty Barre. D) BYOB (Bring your own ball).

    2. My time available for exercise is:

    • a) I must workout every day or grow horns and a tail.
    • b) I have three workout outfits and I do laundry once a week, you do the math.
    • c) I try to squeeze in two classes a week.
    • d) Lunch is my sacred unscheduled hour, with the occasional half-hour in the evening.

    Your soulmate pass is: A) The Monthly Unlimited: $50/unlimited access. B) The Monthly Unlimited, plus one more outfit from the Studio to Street Boutique so you can exercise four times a week. C) The Golden Rule Pass: 12 classes, $65, six-month expiration that begins upon your first visit. D) The School Days Pass, 8 classes $25, one month expiration, activates upon your first visit. Buy them all online here.

    3. If I were a dog, I would be a:

    • a) Golden Retriever, I’m everybody’s friend.
    • b) Chihuahua, I may be small, but I’m mighty, dammit.
    • c) Border Collie, at work or at play, I need to focus.
    • d) St. Bernard, I’m strong and sweet.

    Your soulmate instructor is: A) Camille, her Minnesota roots make her fun and approachable, and she has a great sense of humor to make for laughter-filled OULA classes B) Erin, her HIIT class will help you feel empowered. C) Larisa, her attention to detail and thoughtful instruction will help you find your comfort zone, and she has a remarkable memory to help personalize your experience. D) Kris, her farm-girl roots help her create challenging classes, and her warm personality will keep you coming back.

    4. I have the most energy in the:

    •  a) After I’ve had a good night’s sleep of course! I love morning.
    •  b) Around noon, after I’ve had a good long while to wake up.inmotion_anaconda_booty_barre
    •  c) If you say morning, I’ll punch you in the throat.
    •  d) What’s energy? (Yawn).

    Your soulmate workout time is: A) 9 a.m. Yoga, Barre, OULA. B) Noon express classes; Barre, Quick Core. C) After-work classes; Barre, OULA, BYOB, Power and Conditioning. D) No energy? Use just a little to get a lot! Pick a class, grab a friend and get down here.

    5. I have been working out for:

    • a) I lunged my way out of the womb.
    • b) I started exercising when I became a mom, as a way to escape my children.
    • c) I have been religiously exercising for years…when I have a reunion or a wedding coming up.
    • d) I’m brand new to exercise.

    You can begin fulfilling your fitness destiny at the studio A) Right now. B) Right now. C) Right now. D) Right now.

    Fall 2015 Schedule

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    Fall 2015 Passes

    All passes on sale now for use after Labor Day. Purchase online at https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=40057. Expiration periods activate upon your first visit.


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