• Why barre? For balance.



    Fitness fanatics say it all the time: “I need my workout.”

    Translation: “I have to spend an hour either sweating on treadmill or grunting in a weight room.”


    There is much more to a healthy fitness relationship than the cardio-strength-cardio-strength pattern. An ideal exercise schedule offers varied workouts that constantly challenge the cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal and mental-spiritual systems. It’s what we mean when we say, “Get your mind right, and your body tight.”

    InMotion has a prescription for people sick of their routines that busts boredom and pushes through plateaus: It’s called Booty Barre. “I just feel good afterwards,” said InMotion client Karla Dedman, who has been attending Booty Barre weekly on Thursday mornings since InMotion opened in 2013. “It gives me a good stretch, I’m stronger in my core and I’ve found muscles I didn’t know I had,” she said.


    Helena native, and InMotion owner, Larisa Bartoletti is a certified Booty Barre instructor. We fondly call her the “barre-tender.”

    Yoga+Pilates+Dance=Balance Booty Barre balances InMotion’s offerings, and our clients’ routines, with a dance-based workout that lengthens and strengthens while treating joints kindly. “In Booty Barre, you’re working all the muscles that you don’t work in other classes,” said certified instructor Larisa Bartoletti. “You get the little stabilizers of the leg and butt, for example. It’s so different from anything I’ve done before.” Booty Barre blends movements from yoga, Pilates, and dance for a fast-paced, fun, challenging one-hour workout that leaves the backside a-burnin’. Hitting the barre is like taking your bumper to the body shop. If you don’t have much of a rearview, you’ll build one at class. If you’ve got too much junk in your trunk, Booty Barre will help you, um, de-clutter. “The first thing people notice after regularly coming to class is their pants,” Larisa said. “You’ll notice that your pants fit better. It’s typical to go down a size.”


    Hitting the barre is like taking your bumper to the body shop. If you don’t have a rearview, you’ll build one at class. If you have too much junk in your trunk, it’ll help you declutter.

    No holds barred

    A peach-shaped butt is Booty Barre’s calling card, but the class works the whole body. It all starts with an arm section using light weights. Then, class moves to the barre for three sections that work the legs, glutes and core with lifting, kicking and squeezing. Much of class is performed on the toes, or one foot, offering a constant balance challenge. Class ends on the floor, with a Pilates-based ab section. The physically challenging workout is also mentally engaging. The workout moves to the beat of fun music — from top-40 to country. Yoga and Pilates influences emphasize a focus on breath and body positioning for a mind-body connection. And light choreography has participants kicking with pointed toes in unison for a visually appealing view. Time to Belly Up It’s time to shake up the same-ol’ with a with a barre class. It’s so different from conventional workouts that even the fittest among us experience quick results. Booty Barre is an ideal entry-level class as well. New exercisers can learn the ropes safely, and without intimidation. Booty Barre classes are small — a maximum of 10 people at InMotion — and require concentration that distracts from self-consciousness. The moves are fun, simple to follow, and easily modified for newcomers. All new things take some getting used to, including fitness classes. But we promise that if you give it a try, you’ll see how you could easily get used to the results. “The more you do it, the easier it becomes,” Karla said.  “It’s one heck of a workout.” InMotion currently offers Booty Barre three times a week; pre-registration is required as space is limited. Click here to check out our schedule


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