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  • 23OCT

    Why barre? For balance.

      Fitness fanatics say it all the time: “I need my workout.” Translation: “I have to spend an hour either sweating on treadmill or grunting in a weight room.” Yawn. There is much more to a healthy fitness relationship than the cardio-strength-cardio-strength pattern. An ideal exercise schedule offers varied workouts that constantly challenge the cardiovascular, musculo-skeletal and mental-spiritual systems. It’s what we mean when we say, “Get

  • 08OCT

    Strap up, girls. It’s our breast month ever.

    The days of burnt orange, chocolate brown and golden yellow defining the fall color pallet are over. These days, it’s all about pink. Our world is awash in the girliest of hues for the fiercest of reasons: the war on breast cancer. InMotion Studio is taking up arms against this enemy during October, National Breast Cancer